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IMHO, for equal functionnality, a better level of usability could make the contenders win. But they don’t acheive this…


Sarah Lacy talking about Google+ on PandoDaily:

We simply don’t need another social network, no matter how great your circles are or how badly Larry Page wants to have one. 

Agreed. The problem, which Google really, truly does not seem to understand is that at the end of the day, they’re solving a problem which has already been solved. They may think it hasn’t, but it has.

It’s the same problem Bing faces in search against Google. It’s a fine product, but in order to get people to use it, it has to be far better than the incumbent. Bing isn’t, so it will never beat Google (despite Google’s best efforts to back that thang up). Google+ isn’t, so it will never beat Facebook (or Twitter, for that matter).

But Google is trying to cheat this system. By shoving Google+ in our faces, they think that they can make their product catch on without the need to be above and beyond better than the incumbent.

I think we’ll see that this approach still won’t work. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter work because they evolved based on how users were naturally using them. Google+ is trying to make the users evolve to fit into the network they created. It’s unnatural.

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3 reasons why Mint mobile is an awesome productivity app !

So i’ve been following Ramit Sethi’s personal finance blog (http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/), tips, newsletter for a couple years now… and quite frankly, dude’s got it right to an exact science ! I have been using his credit card to Mint account controlled spending strategy, and it works like a CHARM.

Central to this method working so efficiently, in my humble opinion, is the awesome mobile/iOS app from Mint (https://www.mint.com/). Here are 3 reasons why i think this is a great app, and more:

1. Login using iPhone 4-digit security code

Everyone is a bit frisky when it comes to giving away all their bank info to a website/online platform. Privacy and security are of the utmost importance. Most financial app i have come accross so far make you use your online password, which in some cases could be long and complicated to type on a mobile. Mint allows you to skip this cumbersome everyday task by enabling login through the 4-digit security code of your iPhone. Awesome.

iPhone 4-digit security code page

2. Double whammy on home screen: navigation combined with performance dashboard

Could all performance-type apps have a home screen like this ? Please ? The fact that i can see all my accounts, my performance from a budget perspective AND the fact that i can actually drill-down to specific success/trouble areas is exrtremely powerful and gratifying. Intelligent navigation.

Mint iPhone home screen

3. Balance

Most applications i became unsatisfied with often could not give me enough functionnality without cluttering the UI or worst, make it unusable. In Mint’s case, i find a great balance between functionnality (create/edit budgets on-the-go) and usability. Of course, you can’t do everything its Web companion does: this is the power of a well thought-out ecosystem. Kudos !

Mint Mobile

Here’s my shameless plug: read Ramit Sethi’s blog, create a Mint account, download the app and get control of your personal finance !


iOS ’86 Retro Interface Design
Today I came across this funny retro interface design. Check out more here.
via: MAG.WE AND THE COLORFacebook // Twitter // Google+ // Pinterest


iOS ’86 Retro Interface Design

Today I came across this funny retro interface design. Check out more here.

Facebook // Twitter // Google+ // Pinterest

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