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3 reasons why Mint mobile is an awesome productivity app !

So i’ve been following Ramit Sethi’s personal finance blog (http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/), tips, newsletter for a couple years now… and quite frankly, dude’s got it right to an exact science ! I have been using his credit card to Mint account controlled spending strategy, and it works like a CHARM.

Central to this method working so efficiently, in my humble opinion, is the awesome mobile/iOS app from Mint (https://www.mint.com/). Here are 3 reasons why i think this is a great app, and more:

1. Login using iPhone 4-digit security code

Everyone is a bit frisky when it comes to giving away all their bank info to a website/online platform. Privacy and security are of the utmost importance. Most financial app i have come accross so far make you use your online password, which in some cases could be long and complicated to type on a mobile. Mint allows you to skip this cumbersome everyday task by enabling login through the 4-digit security code of your iPhone. Awesome.

iPhone 4-digit security code page

2. Double whammy on home screen: navigation combined with performance dashboard

Could all performance-type apps have a home screen like this ? Please ? The fact that i can see all my accounts, my performance from a budget perspective AND the fact that i can actually drill-down to specific success/trouble areas is exrtremely powerful and gratifying. Intelligent navigation.

Mint iPhone home screen

3. Balance

Most applications i became unsatisfied with often could not give me enough functionnality without cluttering the UI or worst, make it unusable. In Mint’s case, i find a great balance between functionnality (create/edit budgets on-the-go) and usability. Of course, you can’t do everything its Web companion does: this is the power of a well thought-out ecosystem. Kudos !

Mint Mobile

Here’s my shameless plug: read Ramit Sethi’s blog, create a Mint account, download the app and get control of your personal finance !